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M: (65) 8800 8787

Are you a Landlord looking to rent out and have someone manage your properties?

We search and filter for the most suitable tenants profiles, as well as 

- Manage clients and tenants expectations

- Invoice tenants & expenses and send relevant items to corp sec for quarterly GST filing and annual filing

- Liaise between all stakeholders for renovations, maintenance and repair works

- Handle documentation for submission to various government authorities when required

- Experience in commercial property investments the increase in rental yield for clients

- Corporate experience aids in the understanding of the needs of clients better

- Assist in Purchases, Sales, Rentals and Portfolio Restructuring

Are you an Investor hunting for undervalued & high rental yield units?

An avid investor, she owns a diverse portfolio of properties so she has the relevant knowledge and skills to find just the perfect unit to fit your requirements. Freehold, Leasehold, Stable Rental Yield, No Void Space, Low Outlay, High Passive Income, we know your requirements!

Are you a Business Owner looking for a new Commercial/Industrial space?

With an entrepreneurial mind, she also has a few businesses so she understands the operational requirements that a business would require. High ceiling for storage, ramp up units, good frontage and footfall, exhaust pipe, high power supply, we know what you need!


Are you an Expat looking for a home?

As she has stayed aboard for years, she knows just what expats require for an accommodation. Near the international school, or well surrounded by amenities, near your work, understanding landlords, we got you! 

Should you be keen to seek for a property to build your portfolio, rent/purchase an unit for your business needs, or be in search for a residential unit for your own stay, please feel free to speak to us!

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For full list of Commercial, Industrial and Residential Units, click Here!

Certified Financial Analyst (CFA)

Certified Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA)

University of London, Bachelors in Banking & Finance, 2nd Upper Class Honours
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